Започна регистрацијата за IEO 2022

Драги средношколци,

Меѓународната економска олимпијада се организира и за ученици во неофицијална конкуренција. Секој заинтересиран може да се регистрира и да учествува на истата следејќи ги упатствата дадени во продолжение во официјалните информации на организаторот. 

Registration for the IEO 2022 OpenTrack is open! 

IEO OpenTrack is a parallel category in the International Economics Olympiad for everyone who wants to take part in the competition in a more relaxed format. It runs on the same dates as the IEO itself and is open for participation to everyone

The activities on the OpenTrack are exactly the same as the ones proposed for the MainTrack (the IEO). However, OpenTrack contestants compete separately from the MainTrack participants and have their own scoring and normalization.

To learn more about the IEO OpenTrack, please proceed to its official web page: https://ecolymp.org/opentrack

Registration is done by filling out the following form: https://airtable.com/shrWZyLX82y8csiHG. A participant can register either as a part of a pre-formed team or as an individual. If they choose the latter, a team will be assigned to them by the OpenTrack WorkGroup. 

Please note that the deadline for registrations is July 19.

The IEO OpenTrack is a wonderful opportunity for students who are interested in the IEO to get a feel for the IEO spirit and examinations. It may serve as their first step towards the IEO MainTrack or, alternatively, as a way to test their knowledge and get to know people from all over the world.

So please feel free to join!

Ваш СММ!