Call for donations

One of the goals of UMM (Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia) is the development of young mathematical talent. Such students are excellent ambassadors of mathematics at the international competitions, as well as later in life as successful professionals. In this early stage of their intellectual development, any investment in them in the form of classes, mentorship and training camps has huge impact on their subsequent life journeys.

UMM has an objective to invest more and more in these students, which has a double purpose:
– It helps the individuals achieve their personal dreams.
– It promotes the overall development of mathematics as a human endeavour.

In recent years, our students have achieved historic results that have attracted a lot of media attention

You can see the great improvements we’ve been making at the International Math Olympiad here:
We were 75th in 2019, 72nd in 2020, then 45th in 2021 and 39th in 2022.

Our goal is to place our small nation in the top 20 in the world, which would be an impressive result for a country of 2 million people. This will show the world that anyone can do well in math, both at personal and national level, and could attract more people in this field, both in Macedonia and globally.

To achieve this goal, we would like to hold regular training classes for interested students in our country for the duration of the entire school year. We have a specific plan and curriculum: the students would be divided in 3 groups, and we would encourage support and collaboration among those groups. The groups are:
1) Junior level: elementary school students preparing for junior olympiads, such as the Junior Balkan Math Olympiad. Some of the covered topics would be: homothety, counting and coloring, Fermat’s Little Theorem, Lifting the Exponent Lemma, etc.
2) Pre-IMO level: students who barely missed the mark and did not qualify for the IMO the previous year. Topics: inversion, quadratic residues.
3) IMO level: students who have already participated at the highest level of competitions (IMO), this is the most advanced group. Topics: algebraic combinatorics, analysis, group theory.

The lectures would be given by former successful contestants over Zoom, so as to save on unnecessary accommodation expenses. There would also be self-study material assigned to them, homework problems as well as practice (training) contests.

The donation contract can be downloaded here, please send the filled document to
UMM will show great gratitude to our sponsors and supporters, mentioning them in our numerous media appearances, in our list of donors ( as well as putting their logo on our official team t-shirts.
Our mission is promoting mathematics and getting more young minds involved in this amazing field. Join us!